A Few Reasons to Help Your Cat Lose The Extra Pounds


Here are 5 consequences of obesity in the cat:

1 diabetes
2 urinary disease
3 osteoarthritis joint stress
4 chronic inflammation recent research has linked weight and inflammation
5 shorter life and poor quality of life
If you have questions or concerns about your cats weight and what is considered healthy, schedule a wellness exam with one of our veterinarians at 507-645-4522.

Who did that!?

photo (1)

Even the vets dog can be naughty! Look what Dr. Rich’s dog Sophie did while home alone! Behavior modification may be in order; it’s great we have an awesome trainer, Jane Fenton, working with our clinic! If you would like your furry friend to join training class or our puppy class you can do so by sending Jane a message off of our website and fill out the form under training!

That’s A Lot of Dog!


Dr. Rich with 3x his weight in dog! Those big furry friends are Irish Wolfhounds who all weight well over 100lbs each! Thanks for visiting guys!

Ladies Man









This handsome fellow was brought in to impound on 3-11-14. He is about as sweet as they come and has quickly won over all the ladies here at the clinic. He is young and not neutered. He had no collar or microchip. If you know who he belongs to or have interest in adopting if no owner is found, please call the clinic 507-645-4522




A Rat’s Tail…

DSCN2440 DSCN2434 DSCN2437

Cattail is a month old rat that had the skin stripped from the end of his tail (degloving injury). The tail bone in the stump prevents the skin from growing over the end and it stays a wound for months or years.  So we sedated him which allowed amputation of the tail bone further down so the skin can grow over. If he keeps the bandage on for a few days it will heal quick. he has youth on his side. Cattail is very tame and friendly, and for those of you that are skeptical, RATS MAKE GREAT PETS!

Mugshot Monday- Senior Edition!

terrier girl 2

This sweet girl was brought into impound over the weekend and is looking for her home! She is a senior girl and has been very good for us here. She is already spayed and waiting for a family, with interest or if you know who her family is, please call Countryside 507 645 4522!



Talk About Counter Surfing!


This is Raider; our mascot for the day! Most dogs counter surf for food, Raider counter surfs for a good view and cool place to lay down!

New Arrival! Meet Bower!


He is sweet and a bit shy, his name is Bower! Bowers new family rescued him and decided to foster him but not long after getting his furry body home they decided to become his Forever Home! Welcome Bower!

Thanks Canine Design!

IMG_20140226_142921_141 1922708_10203428897347768_586741347_n[1]

Check out this awesome before and after of our current impound dog! Cyndi at Canine Design was kind enough to groom him up on Wednesday in hopes of getting him adopted soon! Unfortunatly, today was his last day with us and no one claimed him or was able to adopt him, but he was picked up by Prairies Edge Humane Society and we are sure he will be adopted soon! Such a sweet and handsome boy!


So stressful…

photo (1)

Sweet little Baby is enjoying a nap on one of our comfy exam room chairs while Mom and Dr. Rich have a discussion about her care! One of the many dogs who find our clinic fun and relaxing with lots of attention and treats!

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